I am passionate and dedicated to using holistic medicines, natural beauty products and inspiring women to find their feminine strength and rawness.  

Since a tiny girl in my hippy childhood, spending time in the Welsh hills and Greek islands, I was exposed to herbal remedies, natural & organic foods, homeopathy, osteopathy, meditation and yoga asana. This was long before they were fashionable and had glossy make-overs and those that followed this path were seen as quirky and even a little odd. Over the years my interest and use of these disciplines & traditions has changed and grown reflecting my own life’s needs. After a career in London and my second job of dedicated 90s party girl, I came back more and more to these practices to ground me and lead me on my own healing journey.  

In 2010 I completed a yoga TT (Yoga Alliance) and in 2012 qualified as a holistic Aromatherapist (IFPA). I have been a stay at home mama to two young children for the past 4 years and it is from this place that I bring you my insights and inspirations for aromatherapy and other holistic practices, also curating other people’s juicy finds from around the web to help you feel feminine, nourished and strong.