How do I blend a body oil?

OK, so this is a huge topic and I will look to expand it into some kind of mini series in the future. However, for all of you out there, that just want to blend something, anything, this is a very simple post on beginning to blend.

Essential oils are a highly concentrated plant extract and as such, normally (not always) you should blend them with a base or carrier oil, which is often a vegetable or macerated vegetable oil.

Blending is really a bit like cooking, its part art, part science, there are rules, which can broken once you have a bit more experience, but mostly just enjoy cooking up your caldron of aromas.

Why are you blending?

Please answer this question first, it will keep your mission focused! It can be as straightforward as, because I want a nice smelling body oil and all the branded ones are too expensive! Fine. This will guide your choices.

Remember to keep it simple, don't incorporate a million reasons, the blend must have one focus.

Now select a maximum of 3 essential oils

Please do not select more than 3 at this stage, you can even blend just 2, but I would recommend you go with 3 to have a bit more fun and give the blend depth & synergy.

How do I select the oils? There are so many, I don't know where to start!

Go back to your question, why are you blending? Nice scent, to relax? To uplift, to ground after traveling, convalescing after a cold, to feel more feminine and sensual and so on…pick one reason.

Then start smelling the oils, enjoy it, take your time. 

To make your selection it can also be helpful to think about the oils in categories. Each category does tend to share characteristics; here is an ultra brief guide for you. Please note this is not an exhaustive list at all and to some extent can be subjective, I will expand the resources on the site to include an oil reference at a later date. 

·      Floral e.g. rose, jasmin, ylang ylang, neroli, lavender –  feminine, sensual & exotic. Blends well with earthy tones.

·      Citrus e.g. orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot – refreshing, uplifting and gently detoxes. Easy to blend and works well with a lot of oils.

·      Herbal / Medicinal e.g. eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, tea tree – strong anti-bacterial properties, good for convalescing or soothing cold symptoms. Often good synergy with citrus.

·      Spicy e.g. cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon – warming and stimulating. Can blend well with florals.

·      Woody e.g. cedarwood, pine, cypress – grounding, antibacterial and good for chest complaints. Often a good synergy with citrus.

·      Earthy e.g. vertivert, sandalwood, valerian – grounding, calming and sedating. Go careful when using these, they can be strong and overpowering.

I have my 3 oils what next?

Like any good chef, do a test first. Measure a small amount of vegetable oil 20ml will do and start to play around with adding a few essential oil drops (8 drops maximum for 20ml). Start slowly, let the oils rest a bit in-between adding any more. Like a perfume they change with time.

OK, I have found my recipe, now?

Measure out 50ml of your base oil and add your essential oils

We will work to a dilution of 2% for a body blend - meaning, you will add a total of 20 drops of essential oil to 50ml of  base oil. You choose what the ratio is between the different essential oils, its your blend!

A note on the base oil

Selecting a base blend in itself can be pretty involved, but to keep things simple, I am just going to suggest two options. Alternatively buy a blend, or even just use one vegetable oil. 

Light body base (50% jojoba oil, 25% peach oil, 25% coconut oil)

Deep nourishing body base (50% almond oil, 25% jojoba, 25% peach)

So here is my ultra simple guide in a few steps, firstly you must do a test with 20ml of oil.

1.    Why are you blending - Keep it simple! To please or to heal?

2.    Select 3 essential oils

3.    Add essential oils at a 2% dilution (20 drops) to your 50ml of base oil

4.    Shake & store in glass out of sunlight, label clearly & date

5. You have your body blend, which you can use on all the family

Any questions at all email me using the info form - I would love to hear from you

A few final notes on safety

Remember when blending do this away from the kids, in fact store all your oils out of reach of little hands they can be highly toxic if ingested and cause fatalities. Treat them as you would any medicine, kept high up away from the kids in child lock bottles if possible.

Please always be mindful if you or your family have any allergies, do a skin test if necessary. Only use a 2% dilution on infants over 1 years old. 

Good quality blended oils should have a shelf life of around 6 months